Alexander Peppler and the Soulshaker

"A Singer-Songwriter from Witzenhausen and a percussionist from Venice met in Berlin end of 2015. A random encounter brought together two poles that complement each other as good friends and musicians: melody and groove, heart and hand, like moon and sun, air and earth. The open-hearted songs written by Alex in midnight silence have grown through the powerful company of Fabio as they did not expect. Busking made them discover the dynamic of a dreamy voice and a grounding beat that feels both deep and smooth, heavy and loose. Since then they love to share it with people in Berliner bars, various festivals and any other welcoming places.

After 50 solo shows and one EP release by Alex they want to take the next big step together: End of 2017 they are going to record the debut album with friends close to Venice to capture this energy for everyone at home and forever.


 Alexander Peppler (Voc/Guitar/Harmonica/Tambourine)

 Fabio Targhetta (Voc/Cajón/Shaker)




We met on a common friend’s open stage in Moabit (Berlin), where we had the chance to jam together and appreciate each other’s footprint on the music and as good friends. Fabio is an Italian drummer and percussionist from Venice, who just discovered the beauty of Cajon and its adaptability to many music kinds, trying to bring a new personal flavour to the songs of Alex. It was November 2015 but we definitely start to play as a band around February 2016.

Since that moment, we have been practicing on Alex’s songs to improve them, to find a new power and to bring them to the people. First inside many windy metro stations, cold squares and crowded parks. Then to small bars, rooftop clubs and cool events.

We always keep that powerful attitude of our busker side, but we now care also about the deepness of the lyrics and the strength of intimate Songs.

(By Fabio)


Photos by Carlo Targhetta.