It is summer! Time to travel and to enjoy the world all around. And we have a sweet plan coming up. Fabio´s hometown is close to Venice (Italy) where he knows a lot of friendly people. He organized four concerts at various nice locations in this area. His brother Carlo Targhetta helped us a lot with making a great flyer and poster. And our good friend Riccardo Tonon supports us by playing the lead guitar! Thank you all so much!

It will be a great time to play concerts in beach bars, discover the area around and relax outside of Berlin. All the money we get will be used for our debutalbum which will be recorded in this area in November 2017. We are looking very much forward to this and start to plan everything already. But for now we want to play this summer!

If you are from there: Come around and say Hi!

If not: Stay tuned for some videos, pictures and recordings.

Have an awesome summer and hopefully see you soon!