"Sense" Is Out Now!

It is done, we made it.

Our first album is physically and digitally released which means you can buy the CD (here!) or listen to it on Spotify!

As you can imagine we are more than happy about it!

It is a kind of result of the last two years: Writing and practicing the songs, earning enough money, finding the right people to work with, preparing, recording, discussing the artwork, listening to the tracks, editing, mixing, mastering, register legally etc.

We learned a lot about the whole process and can be thankful about doing it together splitting the whole work.


Mid-June we shared the CD in Witzenhausen, Alex´ hometown, playing in different gardens which felt great.

One week later we had our Record Release Party on 16.06 in Berlin (see pictures below). With special guest Natasha Jaffe (Cello) and Asbjörn Westerheim (Guitar).

In July we go to Cavallino-Treporti to Fabio´s home for another summer tour (four concerts).

If you cannot/could not meet us, just contact us this way (order it here).




We like to thank everyone involved and will repeat our text that is also printed in the great cd artwork.

"This is a project of friendship and togetherness.
Thank you all for being a fundamental part of our biggest piece of art so far:
Our friends and sound engineers Riccardo Tonon, Riccardo Vio and Simone Stanchi.
Choir: Alessio Uliana (Conductor), Megghi Minio (solo at “Give Me That Soul Back”),
Donatella Biondo, Mariagrazia Castelli, Elena Ceccato, Ivana Costa, Anna Iannaccio,
Enrico Vazzoler, Riccardo Vio.
Piano/Accordion/Hammond Organ: Alessio Uliana
Bass: Simone Stanchi
Cello: Natasha Jaffe
Slide Guitar: Riccardo Tonon


Artwork: Juana Bordaçahar & Martin Heiden


For support and inspiration to our families and friends in Witzenhausen, Berlin,
Frankfurt (Oder), Cavallino-Treporti and everywhere else;
to Mattia C. & Davide C.(“Making Of” Video), Federico (Single Video), Laura (Photos),
Carlo (Graphics), Ambra, Antonella, Barbara, Davide S., Gaia, Giacomo, Giannino,
Ivana & Maria, Johanna, Family Tonon, Joseph, Mattia G., Patrick, Fabi, Stopic,
Moritz, Henriette, Charlie, Anna, Jojo, Jörg, Jacob, Leo, Britta, Rita, v. Gersdorffs,
Neue Nachbarschaft and AMV Berlin.


Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Ukulele by Alexander Peppler
Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals, Choir by Fabio Targhetta


Recorded in November 2017 at Generazioni Sonore in Cavallino-Treporti, Venice (IT)
Cello recorded by Francesco de Dominicis at Legato Studio, Berlin (DE)
Mixed by Riccardo Tonon in Cavallino-Treporti, Venice (IT)
Mastered by Andrea Ghion at Fishbowl Studio, Treviso (IT)"