Changing Chapters / The Soulshaker (from 11/2015 to 09/2018)

There always seems to be a lot of change after the summer, around September.

This September Fabio left with his girlfriend Johanna to travel to South America after checking out Sicily and visiting his family and friends in Cavallino-Treporti (Italy). The moment I met Fabio in November 2015 he was dreaming about going there, exploring new places, meeting new faces, and now the time had come for him to leave. We learned to play the songs on the street, were gigging in bars and small festivals, at garden parties and hipster parties. We had two tours around Fabio´s home and recorded our album there thanks to our belief in our music and his love for planning and above all doing things to get forward.

I want to thank Fabio a lot for this time growing as friends and musicians and wish the two all the best and luck for their journey.


What about the music? Of course, I will continue to write and play the music. Now, with other members, who are and will be found hopefully soon in Berlin. After enjoying the company of playing as duo, I would like to take it one step further with a full band: Drums, Bass, least, and maybe even more. I am already writing new songs, planning a new CD sometime next year. Now it is less a time full of gigs, than more of writing, thinking, exploring ideas until they are ready to be on stage. And it will be about practicing a lot, touring around the country and make a serious living out of it; step by step. A long way that never really ends but brings a lot of joy just by walking it.


So far, thanks a lot for all the support to you all!

Stay tuned and keep updated for new music, it will happen for sure.


Lovely greetings,



(Photo by Laura Zane)