Animal Garden - Our New Band

The last months were quite exciting as a transition time!

Marcel, good friend and former drummer until August left for becoming a pilot in Brussels.

Lucian (drums), his younger brother joined Lukas (piano) and me. I also got to know Robin (bass&Guitar) who then joined us. So we were four, practised already and it felt good!

We had our first gig (see pics below) at an Open Mic at the Wabe, Berlin.

MidNovember we already toured through Bremen, Göttingen and Braunschweig with Robin, Lucian and me. A great experience to get to know our sound and us each other.


It all feels way more than "Alexander Peppler & Band", because the sum of our parts is much more complex, deep, psychedelic and hard to describe. It´s new songs, new sounds and new arrangements than just my songs played with a folk band.

So one day we found our new band name and we love it: Animal Garden

Anyway, we go on practising, talk about designs and colors and book for next year. We are excited about all that is coming up next year. Come to one of our next concerts to see us!

Stay tuned and hope to see you soon!