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The first album of "Alexander Peppler & The Soulshaker" (Fabio Targhetta)

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Recorded by Riccardo Tonon, Simone Stanchi and Riccardo Vio at "Generazioni Sonore" in Cavallino-Treporti, November 2017.
Photo by Laura Zane & Carlo Targhetta.

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How We Get By

The first album of the country singer-songwriter duo Blue Saloon with Moritz Müller-Jensen and Alexander Peppler.

Published in December 2017.



The Art Of Letting Go

I´ve Seen The World

Flight Mode

Red Traffic Lights


A Thousand Miles

In Due Form


Recorded and Mixed by Moe Jaksch, September 2017.

Mastered by Andreas Jung.

Artwork by Martina Springmann & Benjamin Weing.

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The first solo EP recorded in 2014 and 2015. Published in February 2015. First steps that led to the present now.



I´ve Seen the World

Your Lesson

Oh Captain


Promise to Come Back


Recorded and Mixed by Lukas Marx, G7 Tonstudio,

Artwork by Timo Brüsewitz.

Review by Max Heckel (Folknews) from 03.01.2016.

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