We can share each other´s present to be part of our past


And if this future isn´t meant to pass for sure it will last


Hey let´s don´t spend too much time


That fails at helping to remind us that


We are blessed with ourselves




And the power that turned black into a fireball everyday it should let us feel so much hope


As we can do discover the same as we choose to remain our hearts open (let it open)


Man tends to long for a home


His first and last thought is driven by love alone


And I´m I´m blessed with myself


As you you are blessed with yourself




Use to worry only about what´s ahead when all that matters is where I am (Where are you?)


And if I do so I only realize all this time it was the right track baby


And it just would have been sweet if someone told me somewhere earlier along this journey


That we are blessed with ourselves


As I I am blessed with yourself


And you you are blessed with myself