I´ve Seen the World

I´ve seen the world from down below

Well as you turned around to go
And I´ve seen the world from high above

As you came back for some love

And in this time between
I tried to find my mind
How I stumbled and fell through heaven and hell
But being blind there´s nothing you can find

So how about you now
Did you come here to stay
You wait for someone like me
But you can already have me today
Don´t we all just chase after love
But don´t let us be like them
Always wanting more
Still never get enough


I´ve seen the world and how it turns

I think it´s time for me to rest
Will you sit down with me

Or join the others searching for the best

But then don´t you ever complain
When you´re fragile and alone
And your happy ends slipped right through your hands
And you´re the one who never gets called home