Oh how I cried first time I saw light

And everyone around me started to smile

Dressed in white they all began to know love


Then I used to learn what makes me feel hurt

I´ve seen a lot of good ´nd bad things in this world

Soon I realized that´s what I´m made of


Sometime later got to know myself

First within and then without the hand of someone else

When you´re two you need to get through times when the´re rough


And then all the years I´ve been on my way

To find another place where I would stay

With someone to build our own little home


The drive that makes us get up each day

Might be the fear to become old and grey

And no one saves you from being alone


And how I smiled the last time I saw light

And everyone around me couldn´t stop to cry

Dressed in black they got to know grief


All I hoped is that some things remain

I created under the sun and the rain

I found piece in this old last belief