My Age

Oh my love, you once asked me for my real age

Well I´m afraid I don´t know

Sometimes want to feel the warmth

Like a child its mother´s arms

To know where to find peace in my soul


Or I might go out this door to leave this old home

This old same place and everyone

Over the hills along the street

Like a young man following dreams

I know when it feels right I will be gone


And all through these times

you are still by my side

Oh my dear

You were always right

one day I´d make up my mind

And stay here


And now my love I know it is all enough

There is nowhere I would go

I need a woman´s caring hand

Just like every grown-up man

So let´s end this story in one row


And sometime I might sit old and grey

In our house down by the sea

Then I explain the whole wild world

Like an old man has been learned

To all the kids of you and me