Search for Gold

Hey girl, thought you went out to search for gold

And now you´re back and seem to look quite cold

What happened to your clothes, what happened to your soul as you roamed?

So all alone you´re glad you made it home


You say “I recall the time when I left last spring

I had thousand of songs on my lips to sing

With all I needed in my bag, I went on to track something bright

Headed to the light and with cautious hope on my side”  


I see you wanted to leave a mark on the world

But for now the world has left its mark on you

Hope all the things made you feel hurt

Turn you into someone brave and new

“I crossed every field and forest, hill and valley

Asking each man if they´ve seen gold down the alley

But the folks with their lands and dirt on their hands used to say

We´d rather work and pray than knowing what is miles away”


“Then, my feet began to hurt, the mud messed up my clothes

Provisions became rare, I lost most of my notes

I was never told that the nights are so cold I felt so hount

I thought when it all goes down, even your hope it´s time to turn around”


“As I came home I found the gold I once was searching for

As soon as I walked through my little garden door

Time after time, it had escaped from my mind. I´d stopped to care

So after all these tears, I swear, it laid just there”