Your Lesson

You went crazy, went insane
Suffered all the lover´s pain
And you tried you tried to fight on your own

Still you kept waiting losing faith
Until it all was nearly too late
But there´re times when you can´t make it alone
Oh no when you can´t make it alone

Oh friend don´t you do that again
If you´re down just reach out for my helping hand
Oh dear let me always hear
All your doubts and all about your great love and fear

You said it´s weak to get on one´s knees
I said it´s weak to keep believing
That you never never need someone else

So I hope after all the grief
The try to cope and the final relieve
You learned a lesson for yourself
Oh no, learned a lesson for yourself

Open your heart
Just make a start
Well it´s my part
To listen, oh my dear


Just be smart
Don´t fall apart
Well It´s not hard
To see what you´re missing here