Recording the Album (Nov 2017, Italy)

We took 17 days in November to capture 12 songs in the studio of Cavallino Treporti, Italy. With our three good friends and sound engineers Riccardo, Rom and Simone we made it! Thank you a lot, guys! It was an energetic as same as an exhausting experience to record and talk music for ten hours a day. We recorded our voices, guitar, bass, drums, piano, choir, mandoline, harmonica and so on. What a time!

Now we are finished with that part, however the songs still need to be mixed, edited and mastered. We plan to publish the whole CD in Spring 2018 so about March. Now we go on with the artwork that fits to the album name "Sense".



This small word means actually a lot. First, it refers to a "meaning" which we all need to find in life and music turned out to be one of our major ones. Second, it means something like "feel". Feel life, all good and bad. That´s still better than feeling nothing. After all, life is a journey not a destination. There is no better understanding of it than just being here, I guess. So go out, "sense" life, the world and everything between us. It is about being sensitive in the world soaking up all the vibes we get: the love, the loss, the change. I could go on for hours talking about this, but that´s why we record the album. To let thoughts go out and may be to inspire you.


A huge thanks to Fabio who organized and gathered all friends and supporters of his hometown! Without this it would never have been possible. It is our shared experience, special for us both in different ways as you can imagine! Fabio recorded back at home and I recorded more far away than I ever imagined before.

The end of our adventure, two long weeks we will never forget!

We're happy to fly back to Berlin, but it's tough to leave all the friends we have now in Cavallino-Treporti.

One more time, thank you to: Ambra, Laura, Mattia, Mattia, Gi, Enrico, Michela, Ivano, Gina, Robert, Megghi, Anna, Davide, Matteo, Antonio, Augusto, Elena, Alessio, Maria, Giacomo, Davide, Barbara, Antonella, Ivana, Patrick, Carlo, Donatella, Maria Grazia, Massimo, Generazioni Sonore, Lab Giovani, Comune di Cavallino-Treporti.

And then the core of all the project, without you guys anything couldn´t be possible! Our sound engineers Riccardo, Simone and Riccardo.

We are totally thankful and proud, see you soon guys!


Here you can find great pictures from Laura Zane, enjoy!

Blue Saloon (CD Out Now!)

I am fortunate to have two good friends with whom I can share an individual band experience. Apart of the duo with Fabio I love to play with my very good old friend Moritz together in our Country Singer-Songwriter Duo BLUE SALOON.

I know him since seven years in the beginning of our study and we share our lifes ever since. Both of us write songs and sing about our life, love and its change. In the end of 2017 we recorded and published our first CD and are really happy about this next step of our friendship.

You can get the CD in the Shop (click here).

Check out Facebook (click here) for upcoming concerts.

And have a listen at Spotify (click here)! Enjoy!


"Blue Saloon are a Singer-Songwriter duo from Berlin. The duo consists of two good friends and musical soulmates who had originally met each other during their Psychology studies. Both share a great passion for Folk and Rock music of the 60‘s and 70’s which contributes to their in two voices singing and distinctive banjo sound. Apart from the banjo, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica and tambourine add diversity to their folky repertoire. Alex and Moritz, who both write the words, tell stories about big city life, love and the importance of staying true to oneself, for instance. You notice about them that they like to ruminate and work on their lyrics carefully. The result is a well-thought-out mix causing a good mood as well as some melancholy. "Our music is our best antidepressant“ they say with a wink."

Process of preparation

Right now we are planning the recording of our debut Album! It takes a lot of energy and time as you can imagine. So sometimes we forget to keep you updated what we actually do or want to do, so here is a update for you.

In November we go to Fabio´s hometown Cavallino Treporti close to Venice for 17 days. With very good friends of him we record around 12 Songs in a nice Studio. We want to take our time to let the songs grow as they should. Some will be simple, some will be big with choir, piano or cello. Right now we think about the artwork and how the songs are connected. It´s all an inspiring, exhausting and energetic experience at the same time. 


For now, stay tuned for any news, we might need your support if you want to preorder the album and most of all you can look forward for some new music of us. 

We hope to see you soon and thanks a lot for the support in advance.

Take care!